Websphere Application Server V8.5.5.9 Network Deployment 2-Node Cluster on Docker

Inspired by Dockerfiles for WebSphere Application Server traditional

I always hated installing WebSphere software. The installation is so boring and time-consuming I always thought there’s a better way of doing it. I also love Docker, so I figured why not make some Docker images and a docker-compose file that will spin up a complete WebSphere Network Deployment Cell in no time? THERE IS NO REASON WHY NOT 🙂

First you’ll have to build the 2 images yourself (dmgr + custom WAS profile) using the WASDev instructions at the above link. Once you have those available in an online or local repository (I use a private Docker Hub repo) you’ll need to update the name of the images in the compose yaml file. After you execute docker-compose up you will have a fully functioning 2 node WebSphere Cell ready for clustering. I’ve added some screenshots to explain how to actually create the cluster using the Integrated Services Console.

It’s great for testing, learning and production. It’s even better at demonstrating the awesome power of Docker in legacy environments were WebSphere is usually deployed.

Checkout it out in my public GitHub accountpublic GitHub account.


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