Building a Docker Image for IBM WebSphere Portal Enable (Web Content Manager) V8.5

I’ve started experimenting with Docker only recently and already I can do something useful with it! The idea of firing a disposable, light-weight container for testing and development purposes is super cool. It gets even better when you have limited access to VM infrastructure: For example, when I’m at a customer site and I’m working on a project with limited budget, I usually get access to only 1-2 VM. With Docker I can create and destroy instances of my application without relying on IT / System personal.

There are a ton of guides on how to build Docker images and run container but I couldn’t find something for IBM WebSphere Portal Server. So I wrote some Dockerfiles to create an image that would allow me to start an instance of IBM WebSphere Portal Server 8.5 WCM (Web Content Manager) with the latest cumulative fix, and with minimum effort.
Manual installation of WPS can take a whole day and it’s just not worth it if you only need to test your theme or demonstrate some capability of the product.
What’s even more amazing is the fact that thanks to Docker’s storage layering system, the final image size is only 4GB when pulled from Docker Hub. Regular installation of WebSphere Application Server (Network Deployment) with Portal WCM can take as much as 30-40GB of storage.
You can find all the instructions on how to create the image on my GitHub repo.
What I did after creating the image was to push it to Docker-Hub so I can pull it anywhere. Make sure you use a private repository or you’ll probably violate IBM license agreement, luckily Docker-Hub offers 1 free private repository so I’m using that.
Even though the image is small compared to a non-docker deployment, docker hub still struggles to pull it when using Docker-Tools for Windows/Mac. This maybe because Docker Tools uses boot2docker VM, anyway I recommend that you install docker on a dedicated RHEL7 VM and pull the image from there.

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