IBM Connections CCM 5.0 Libraries Blank Screen (“500 internal server error”) after upgrading to CR2 when the Files app is not installed

For a while now, I am pondering what should be my first professional blog post as a SySAdmin. Finally I have come to the conclusion that nothing can be more fun (and useful to others) than sharing an installation problem whose root cause is a software defect  (AKA: bug)

I always hate it when I can’t find help to prevalent problems. On the other hand when I do manage to find a solution, it saves so much time – so here I’m starting to give something back. Also I almost never give out change to homeless people so this how I fix my conscience. (No offence everyone, I’m not really comparing you to homeless people :-))

I was at a customer’s site doing an upgrade of IBM Connections from 5.0 to 5.0 CR2 (yes, I know CR3 is out, the issue starte a long time ago). I used this relatively excellent (and rare) step-by-step documentation from IBM. All went fine (except some very annoying glitches in the FileNet upgrade scripts) but when I came to test the environment I found that the Libraries were not working. The page simply said “Loading…” and nothing was happening:


The console in Chrome Developer Tools showed “500 internal server error” (but again, there were no errors in the application log, which is so stupid)

I checked all CCM settings in ACCE, I tried to manually redeploy applications and ran the Config tasks again and again. SystemOut log files weren’t very helpful and P8 logs were shouting some random E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND error that prove to be completely unrelated.

Eventually I opened a PMR with IBM and as it turns out, the new version of the Libraries app requires that the Files app will be installed. However this particular customer did not install the Files application (due to licensing issues), which created a situation where required JAR files were not installed in the connections provision directory!

I had to manually copy these 2 files:

From the IBM Connections 5.0 CR2 installation media to:


Then I had to shutdown the Connections JVM server, delete the content of temp and wstemp folders in the “AppSrv01” folder and finally restart Connections.  PROBLEM SOLVED!

If you’re planning to install 5.0 CR2/3 please be aware that until IBM issues a fix (or an official technote) to this problem, you will have to manually copy the appropriate files depending on your version.

This concludes my first ever blog post, hope you enjoyed it, ’cause I sure did. yee haa.



After searching for the missing jar filenames in google, I found this technote. It contains some more info on this issue.


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